Award "OK Flora & Fauna"

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Diploma awarded by the Czech section WWFF
Bronze award "OK Flora and Fauna"

Diploma awarded by the Czech section WWFF Diploma awarded by the Czech section WWFF
Silver and gold award "OK Flora and Fauna"

Czech section of the program WWFF- World Wide Flora and Fauna, announces Award OK Flora & Fauna.

The awardis issuedtoall licensedradio amateurs andlistenersunder the followingconditions:

QSOs foraward arevalidfrom 1.1.2009.

Award is available in these classes:

Award OKFF EU hunters DX hunters Activators
Bronze 10 areas 5 areas 10 areas
Silver 30 areas 10 areas 20 areas
Gold 50 areas 20 areas 30 areas
Platina 88 areas 44 areas 44 areas
Platina 3. class 100 areas 50 areas 50 areas
Platina 2. class 300 areas 100 areas 100 areas
Platina 1. class 500 areas 300 areas 300 areas

QSOs with areas WWFF is possible to count only from the time when they are published in the list WWFF areas at the time of the underlying connection. PSE send electronic copy of Your QSO to OKFF diplom manager (adress are in contacts), another way for OKFF Award is through LogSearch. The award is issued regardless of the type of operation and used band. QSOs via satellite, EME, MS, etc. are recognized asvalid for the award. Contest QSOs are valid for an award.

QSOs via terrestrial repeater (FM,packet radio) cannot be included.

If the applicant expressly indicating the requirement to issue award only one type of operation (CW, SSB, Digital, etc.) he will besuch a version award issued.Award in PDF format is free of charge...

14 February 2013, last update 6.2.2014


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