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    Basic data: Designation: 1967, Area: 20.50 ha.

    Oblík NNR covers the dominant peak (509 m) of the Chožovské středohoří geomorphological district. The NNR was declared on a territory of 20.50 ha in 1967 and lies to the north of the town of Louny in the west of the Ústecký kraj – Ústí nad Labem Region. The subjects of the protection are the valuable thermophilous communities on the alkaline geological basement which holds and radiates heat in the driest part of the Czech Republic. The species composition is closely bound to the exposition and morphology of the slopes, the elevation above sea level and the differing pedogenetic processes - next » .

NNR Oblik Hill - OKFF-105  NNR Oblik Hill - OKFF-105
NNR Oblik Hill - OKFF-105.


Map NP, PLA and NNR  in the Czech Republic
Map NP, PLA and NNR in the Czech Republic - OKFF-105 NNR Oblik Hill.


Map of NNR Oblik Hill
Map OKFF-105 NNR Oblik Hill.


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